Saturday, 27 February 2016

Chairman Richard Bird Bows Out

KSMVC Chairman Richard Bird finished his three year of office on a high at the choir AGM on 24th February. Richard has steered the choir through some significantly successful events and in his term of office we held two major sell out concerts resulting in a donation of over £20,000 to Help for Heroes.

He also oversaw our change of uniform, logo, website, and a long list of concerts in Cumbria and outside the county, including a Christmas concert for Cumbria Flood Relief, all of which was coupled with an increase in our number of singers.

John Warner, Mary Powney & Jim Fielding

Richard thanked the choir and all concerned for their support. The proof of his esteem was most evident in the prolonged applause as he left the table to make room for the incoming Chairman, Doug Armitage.

The Choir's President, Mary Powney, praised several members for the high number of attendances at rehearsals and concerts and Jim Fielding and John Warner were presented with the George Powell Medal and Brian Lonsdale Bar for their achievement of 100% attendance in both categories, which represented amazing commitment to our choir.