Saturday, 29 October 2016

So that's The Westmorland Gazette and Lancaster Guardian plus an extra piece for the Rinteln Gospelcor concert!! Just like buses they all come at once! I hope they create a desire followed by fulfillment in the form of purchase of said tickets!

Saturday, 15 October 2016

And the latest image in, an incredibly challenging 10"*8" portrait format.....but we don't stand like that in rehearsal or concert I hear you say......I said it was challenging!

Thanks again to Janis Armitage, photographer.

Friday, 14 October 2016

Well, this is the first image of our choir culled from those taken last Wednesday, it will replace the year old one currently in use.
We are sorry that eight members could not be with us  due to work, holidays or illness, etc. and look forward to an image of the full Team with the King's Singers in November!
This is a rough image but work is progressing on cleaning up the others, not the members of course, just the extraneous furniture that was unavoidable given our time constraints. Janis Armitage did a great job and managed to get thirty five men to follow instructions.....

Sunday, 2 October 2016

Thanks you Rinteln Gospelchor!!

Rehearsal shot of a fantastische chor!!

Many thanks to everyone who in any way contributed to our extremely enjoyable for both audience and our two choirs, concert, last night!
Everyone sang extremely well including the soloists and there was a great and relaxed atmosphere both during and after the concert when we had a great buffet at The Globe, in Kendal.
A marvellous evening with lovely new friends from Kendal's twin town of Rinteln, enjoy the Lakes and Auf Wiedersehen to you all,

until we meet again!