Sunday, 19 June 2016

Many thanks to Tracie Penwarden, Ian, Andy and all the choir members who gave up their weekend time to attend our workshop today at Stricklandgate Methodist Church and also to the staff of the Shakespeare Inn, Kendal, who provided such an excellent post workshop buffet!! 
At the end of the session there was an obvious and very vocal statement by the choir that we should repeat the exercise at intervals to be agreed, which was a great indicator of how happy the attendees were.
We all learned a lot, admittedly some of it was what Ian has been telling us for some time, but now we have had that advice in stereo we should make twice as sure that we take notice of it, together with Tracie's other advice!
We very much appreciated the added benefits of a qualified third party helping us to constantly improve and can't thank you enough, Tracie.
The Chairman's award for the longest droning noise was won by the Chairman, who unfortunately also won the prize for the most embarassing raspberry like version of what I believe is called in singing circles the "lip trill".
No images unfortunately, due to fortunately rare technical issues....

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